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Fishiding artificial fish habitat products have continued to lead the industry with innovative forms of strictly reclaimed, artificial PVC fish habitat since 2008, focusing on fish growth and reproduction.

Flexible limbs of all sizes and massive surface area, produce shade, food and protection. From impenetrable shallow water fry/forage cover up to 15' tall spires of vertical habitat, all models self open or bend to shape by hand. All models have an incorporated, weighted base and drop in the lake directly out of the box with no needed tools or additional fasteners, cables, blocks or supplies.

Line Taming Serum


 Line Taming Serum is an all-natural product that helps take the memory coils out of fishing line.

 It coats your fishing line to help prevent backlashes and to aid in longer casts. It works with monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid fishing line. It helps prevent your fishing line from icing up. 

Line Taming Serum will also extend line life. 



 Along with a championship boat and tackle, you’re not a true winner until weigh-in. That’s exactly the thinking behind New Pro Products Catch2Release technologies - the all-natural approach to tournament fish care. 

NewPro’s patented V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System improves livewell water quality by allowing continuous oxygen flow and provides an escape route for heat and metabolic gases. The result is a more natural and healthier livewell environment for your fish. After a long day on the tournament trail, weigh-in with confidence; avoid penalties and the risk of stress-delayed-mortality after release. 

Road Runner


The Road Runner © advantage begins with the position of the blade…

1. Because fish \”live\” on the bottom and look \”up\”, the Road Runner is easier for fish to see.
2. The blade rarely tangles with your fishing line like \”safety pin\” spinners.
3. The blade position also doesn\’t interfere with hook-ups. 


Cover Your Bass


 Among fishing products, the Bassroom is a unique, complete portable bathroom system that consists of a privacy cover, toilet, waste bags and storage carrying bags. 

Our product has been developed with your privacy and a clean water initiative in mind. The Bassroom is an extremely versatile, extremely compact, and environmentally safe option to making continous trips back and forth to shore when a member of your fishing party has an emergency. The Bassroom sets up in seconds for those moments when the need for a bathroom is immediate. 

Our product can be left on the deck of your boat while you continue to fish if necessary. Nobody really wants to make that mad dash for the nearest boat launch when the urge arises especially when you're on top of a good school of actively feeding fish. Now, with the Bassroom, you don't have to! 

Trik Fish


 CLERMONT, Fla. --- Stealth fishing just got stealthier with new FLIPPIN' &
PITCHIN' Fluorocarbon line by Trik Fish. It's tough enough to fish in the heaviest cover,

yet, unlike braid, it "disappears" in the water. That makes it especially effective on bright
days, in clear water, or when bass have lockjaw. 

"I like to use the 20- or 25-pound test when I have to fish slower and they are
looking at the bait longer," said Florida tournament angler Uby Rosell. "Bass are more
likely to see the braid than the fluorocarbon." 

Additionally, fluorocarbon keeps baits in the strike zone longer. Because it is more
dense, it sinks faster than monofilament and copolymers, but not as fast as braid,
allowing the bait a slower and more natural fall. That's another plus when the bite is

Also available in 15-pound test, this is the first fluorocarbon packaged specifically
for bass anglers who flip and pitch cover. "It's on 150-yard spools so this German-
engineered line is perfect for the bass guy with low-profile reels," said Dave Burkhardt,
founder and owner of Trik Fish. 

Rosell added that he uses the 15 for flipping and pitching to grass edges with a
smaller bait. "Also, I'm a co-angier," he said. "While the guys up front are using braid, I'm
using fluorocarbon to get the bites they miss, especially when the fish are sensitive." 

FLW pro Troy Gibson especially likes the 15-pound line. "I really am pleased with
the minimum stretch that is delivered by Trik Fish and the super stealth that this line
provides," he said. 

" I cannot say enough about this line and will not use anything else when the
money is on the line." 

Besides minimum stretch, Trik Fish FLIPPIN' & PITCH IN' Fluorocarbon doesn't ab
sorb water, meaning it won't lose strength when wet. It is extremely UV resistant. Plus it
has great knot strength and is highly abrasion-resistant with virtually no memory. 

Finally, braid, no matter its color, has a distinct visual presence, meaning fish can
see it in even the dingiest of waters. On the other hand, Trik Fish FLIPPIN' & PITCHIN'
Fluorocarbon refracts light nearly the same as water, meaning it disappears. That
translates into more takes, especially when the bite is tough. 

"More and more of the pros are rigging with Trik Fish FLIPPIN' & PITCHIN'
Fluorocarbon to get more bites," said Burkhardt. 

New FLIPPIN' & PITCHIN' Fluorocarbon Line is available in 15, 20, and 25 pound
Test on 150 yard spools.