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Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies



We’re never too old to grow up with nature 

In Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies: Growing Up with Nature, award-winning outdoors writer Robert Montgomery and 13 friends explore what and how we learn about life from the everyday miracles of nature. Each story celebrates the tangible and intangible blessings we derive from the outdoors

These tales encourage us to sleep in a tent, swim in a lake, blow the fluff off a dandelion, and wish on a falling star. Invest enough time and a butterfly might land on your nose, or a hummingbird on your finger. You might see an eagle soar or a double rainbow splashed across the western sky at dawn.


Read this book to a child! Take it with you on a hike, a fishing excursion, or camping trip. The essays and short stories will inspire you to enjoy the natural world, even if you don’t know a cricket from a cricket frog. They will enlighten you with cautionary tales of thin ice and blazing campfires. They will entertain you with accounts of an alien invasion, white rats run amuck, and an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies will educate you about nature’s mysteries and miracles, ranging from mermaids and snake spit, to African lions and Ozarks dinosaurs. This book will take you to the stars, the mountains, and a little creek below the tree line at the baseball field. And if you enjoyed the outdoors as a child, they will bring back glorious memories.

About the author 

Since he opened the backdoor on his own at age four and stepped outside, Robert U. Montgomery has had a lifelong love affair with nature. His degree in journalism from the University of Missouri helped him build a career writing about its many facets, including fishing and environmental issues.

He is author of Why We Fish (NorLights Press), Better Bass Fishing (Countryman Press) and founder of Activist Angler, a website devoted to promoting and protecting recreational fishing. He is a long-time Senior Writer specializing in conservation for B.A.S.S. Publications, and a Contributing Writer for Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine.

In addition, the Missouri native is winner of the prestigious Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award. He serves on the Board of Directors of Recycled Fish, a national conservation organization, and on the Conservation Pro Staff of Vanishing Paradise, a National Wildlife Federation initiative to restore Louisiana’s fish and waterfowl habitat by reconnecting the Mississippi River it the state’s wetlands.

Robert has fished and photographed wildlife in Africa, South America, Central America, as well as North America.  Montgomery lives on a small lake in the eastern Ozarks with his dog, Pippa.  

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Why We Fish



In Why We Fish, fishing expert Robert Montgomery examines the reasons we keep going back to the water and how fishing enriches us.  Contributed by ten passionate anglers, the essays on these pages celebrate the tangible and intangible blessings we derive from one of man’s oldest pastimes.

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In Why We Fish, Robert Montgomery examines the reasons we keep going back to the water and how fishing enriches us, both individually and as a society. Contributed by ten passionate anglers, the essays on these pages celebrate the tangible and intangible blessings we derive from one of man’s oldest pastimes. 

What is life all about? Go fishing and find out.  But first, enjoy the wonderful essays in Why We Fish.

Robert discovered that we fish to remember, and we fish to forget. We fish when we’re happy, and when we’re sad. We fish to bond with friends and family, or to be alone. Whatever our motivation, no matter where we are on the success spectrum, fishing makes our lives better in ways we never could have imagined. It slows us down. It sets us free. It teaches us about nature, even while showing us how much we don’t know. And fishing becomes the foundation for our fondest memories.

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Better Bass Fishing



The secret is out: Every fisherman or -woman, from tournament anglers to hobbyists, will find tips here to improve their catch rate and their entire fishing experience. Now the knowledge of the pros is available to everyone.

In Better Bass Fishing, you'll learn strategies to improve your catch rate; how and why weather affects fishing; why some baits work better than others --- and how some are designed more to catch anglers than fsh. 

Better Bass Fishing contains plenty of how-to information while concentrating on the big picture, as Montgomery recommends ways anglers can improve their fisheries through specific individual acitons; reveals how anglers can improve their performance through fitness and diet; and offers tips on how to better protect yourself and your equipment while on the road.

But it from Amazon or other book sellers.

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Coming Soon: Kickin' Bass


As with my first fishing book, Better Bass Fishing, this one is about the "big picture" of bass fishing, with lots of helpful tips, strategies, and "secrets" for catching more and bigger bass.  

Pippa's Journey


 When award- winning outdoors writer Robert Montgomery was ready for another canine companion following the death of his beloved Ursa, he went to a no-kill shelter to adopt a pup. 

None were available. Saddened, he almost went home empty-handed. Instead, he decided to take a chance. He chose a medium-size, mixed breed dog who spent the first two years of her life at the shelter and seemed destined to live out her days there. In adopting Pippa, Montgomery thought he knew what to expect, since almost everything in the outside world would be new to her. 

But he didn't know the half of it. In the following weeks, months, and years he and Pippa learned many things together—and they’re still learning. Pippa knew nothing of the outside world. She had never bonded with anyone and didn't know how to love, or be loved. She didn't understand how to play or what it meant to be free to run and run, and then collapse in green grass to roll and moan in life-affirming ecstasy. 

Early in their relationship, Pippa’s running led to heartbreak and near tragedy.Through the kindness of strangers, a miracle became the pivotal point in helping Pippa learn to trust and love. Pippa not only bonded with the author, she blossomed into a remarkable companion who loves and protects her human. As Montgomery often tells friends, "Every day she makes me smile." 

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Under the Bed: Tales From an Innocent Childhood


 As young children we were certain a monster lived under the bed, waiting to nibble our bare toes. Another monster lurked inside the closet after dark. 

This book is about that time in our lives—but not about the monsters. The essays in Under the Bed refer to the bittersweet loss of innocence that occurs as we grow up. Collectively, this book of essays is a celebration of childhood innocence; a mixture of nostalgia and humor. 

It’s about visits to Grandma’s house and chasing chickens. It’s about collisions with immovable objects, ill-advised pyrotechnics, and the exquisite agony of discovering the opposite sex. 

Under the Bed is about growing up during a time when parents had to call you inside at the end of long summer evenings, instead of trying to make you close the online games and go out. It’s about growing up during a time when kids left the phone at home and devoted all their attention to what they were doing and who they were with. 

If you grew up during a simpler era, these essays will help you recall, relive, and enjoy the humor and innocence of childhood. If you didn’t, they will help you understand what life was like for your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and teachers. 

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